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Not at all.   You can promote Siccura in your free-time to fit in with your lifestyle, or if you prefer commit to it Full time. You decide what suits you best.

No you do not. We provide you with all the tools and resources you need to operate your business from home or your existing place of work. As everything is accessible via an internet connection, you can effectively work from anywhere.

No, we provide access to training on how to use the Products. The Products are simple to use.

When you sign up to the Siccura Family Partner Programme, you are assigned a unique Partner Code. This Partner Code should be inserted at the time your user/subscriber registers and subscribes on our website. This ensures that all users/subscribers that you refer are associated with you.  We give you the ability to login to the Siccura Dashboard so you can monitor your registrations, subscriptions and commissions due at any time.

When someone registers on Siccura their details such as name, email and telephone number are encrypted. These are unique to that user and they cannot be deciphered once converted. They will be displayed in this format in the dashboard. If you have the person’s mobile number or email address in your device contact book, you will be able to see their details on your dashboard. 

If someone tells you they have registered/subscribed but they do not appear on your dashboard report, unfortunately there is nothing you can do. You need to emphasise to your potential customers that to receive the promotional pricing they need to quote your referral code.  

Once you have registered to become a partner you will receive an email with your unique referral code.

If you have referred a user to Siccura, and you do not have their contact details in your device contact book, their details will appear in an encrypted format on your dashboard.  You will still earn rewards from these users. 

If you have any queries about the Programme please email us at

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