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Every day your business

Every day your business, creates, sends, shares emails

Business emails are littered with trade secrets, year-end accounts, customer details, business deals, marketing campaigns, product launches, the list goes on.

But imagine if your business emails were sent or forwarded to the wrong person? Or perhaps yours or the recipient’s server was hacked? Or what about if the contacts misuse the email, or your employees leave with business emails on their devices.

Mistakes happen.

But when it comes to the lifeline of your business- there are ways to ensure that no one or nothing gets hurt. But Siccura Mail has your back!

You draft the emails;
we secure them & put you in control

A simple plug-in solution, that adds an extra layer of protection to every single email that your business sends and receives.

So, no matter what information is exchanged, be it a proposal, a line of authorisation, Siccura “boxes” it up, locks it with a key that only you have access to. You decide who gets to see, copy, download, and share. You don’t even have to change your email address!

Total Email Protection
without Switching

We understand that changing your existing business structure can be a headache. But getting total email data protection doesn’t have to be with Siccura.
Siccura Mail works with every Major Email Provider, including privately hosted mails.

  • Gmail,
  • Yahoo
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Privately hosted mails

Start protecting your business emails day and night

Email Security At ARM

Every email, including attachments are in your control, no matter what; in Action, at Rest & in Motion

Action: Automatically secures data as its being created, edited, opened or downloaded by you and the recipients.

Rest: Siccura extends security and control on the emails no matter where it is stored. On your device, the service providers servers, the recipient’s server and or the recipient’s device.

Motion: Siccura’s protection sticks with your data as it travels through the World Wide Web, retaining your privacy and security.

Take Control of Your Business Emails

Ultra-Content Protection At Your FingerTips 

Take charge of everything that happens in the business with an Admin panel.

Auto Encrypt Emails: Enforce data encryption by setting rules to automatically encrypt all incoming and outgoing emails, including attachments.

Content Controls: You decide whether employees can copy, forward, share, download, delete or more, or allow others to do the same. Even decide who they can decide emails to.

IP Controls: Restrict or block employees from accessing business emails outside unsecure Wi-Fi connections.

Offline Mode: Restrict employees access to email content whilst in Aeroplane mode to ensure your business stays confidential.

External Email Protection: Revoke access, set a time limit to emails sent to business partners, stakeholders and potential clients, even if they don’t use Siccura yet. Plus, your content is watermarked – to stop anyone from trying to steal your ideas 

No matter your business, protect your emails.

What happens in the business, stays within the business

We understand that with many employees constantly keeping the business going, accidents and mistakes can happen.  

That’s why Audit Trail gives you 24/7 insights into where your sensitive content is shared, by who, when and where. 

  • Know who has access to each email
  • When it was accessed and for how long
  • Where emails are accessed
  • Current access levels and change logs
  • Who created the emails
  • Edit logs and more

Join Siccura Mail, and get companywide visibility of everything that’s happening in the business. 

Siccura Trusted Platform

Don’t just take our word, here’s how our Customers use Siccura Mail

We signed up to Siccura because we wanted to keep our information safe. Siccura easily connected with our existing set up, and no one had to change their email address. We now have peace of mind knowing that our ideas, designs and proposals cannot go anywhere without our permission!

Elliot White,

Sales at JJ.Jones & Co

As an accounting company, we needed a way to send financial information to our customers securely.

That’s why we chose Siccura because every email you send or receive is only known to us and the people, we share it.

Chartered Accountant,

Roy Renalds

Siccura’s approach to protecting data is why we choose them to help us protect our customer data, intellectual property, and every piece of information we create or exchange in the business. It’s a really simple solution, we simply create our files, and let Siccura take care of protecting them.

Finance Head,

Stephen and Adams Accountant and Tax Firm

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