Early Adopters Community

Join our exclusive group of early adopters and help us give you and others a private and secure digital life.
First 1,000 people get complimentary lifetime use of chosen product
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About the Community

Our Early Adopters Community is open to individuals and businesses looking to safeguard their communications and data in the digital world.

By joining the community, you’ll get access to mobile and desktop applications and be on your way to living a private and secure digital life

Why Join?

With a product that is unique as Siccura, we wanted to give a handful of people the change to get exclusive access to a solution and start living a private and secure digital life.
Whether you’re an individual or a business own, you can gain access to either Siccura Personal or Siccura Business and be amongst a select few who can help us make a difference.

Exclusive Access

Get access to the product for free including all additional paid features. Configure as many SMS or Email accounts as you want.

Extra Perks

Getting first hand access to the product is not the only perk you’ll receive. As an Early Adopter, you could receive complimentary lifetime use of the product, vouchers, and more for sharing your insights and helping us build a solution that gives a private and secure digital life for everyone.

Continuous Evolution

With every piece of feedback given, you will be helping us evolve Siccura for the better. Every development we create, you’ll be the first to know about it.

Join The Early Adopters Community

For your exclusive invite to join the Early adopter community, fill out your details in the form below. You must enter a mobile number and email address that you will be using to register on Siccura. The email address you provide must be the one that is linked to your Google Play or Apple App store account.