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"21% of internet users have had an email or social networking account compromised or taken over by someone elsewithout permission."

"Social media a hackers' favorite target.6,00,000 Facebook accounts are compromised every single day."

"56% of millennials would share their location in order to receive deals and coupons."

"A study conducted by the UN revealed that up to17% of the global online population is affected by digital theft ."

We protect your personal privacy from modern day data breaches

Studies have found that 1.9 billion data records were compromised in the first half of 2017, can you imagine the data breach number of 2018? This would come as a massive shock in the data security industry.

In this digital world on everyday basis, we send 205 billion emails and upload 1.8 billion photos on Social Media. Mobile e-commerce is worth $3.2 trillion in 2017 up from $1.5 trillion in 2013 – a whopping 213% increase. With all this increase the internet data sharing and security have become a question.

Time to take back control of valuable personal data before it gets into hands of hackers.

Why choose Siccura 360 to have Private and Secure Digital Life

Zero – Knowledge

Zero Knowledge Technology makes sure that nothing is stored on our servers. In simple terms, we have no knowledge about your data.


Siccura 360 protects data with end-to-end encryption using 256- bit AES encryption key. Your data is unreadable to the third party, only you can access the information on Siccura 360.

Total Control

Control your digital life, data, sensitive information you share on day to day basis. Siccura 360 make sure your e-email, cloud storage, instant messenger, documents, and text messages are secured and in your control.


With Siccura 360 you don’t have to change your email address or cloud storage provider, it gives flexibility to users using their current service provider. All they have to do is to sync with Siccura 360 to continue using their current cloud storage provider.

Siccura 360 is for you and for us to make sure we all live “ A Private and Secure Personal Digital Life”

Safe Email

Configure existing email account with Siccura 360 to send, receive and store your emails. Encrypted emails sent from Siccura will not be readable on your original email account.

Safe Instant Messenger (IM)

Secure chat communication from anywhere with Siccura 360 IM. Exchange photos, documents and files on daily basis with complete end-to-end security.

Safe Calls

Make easy and secure calls through Siccura 360 messenger to your contacts. We make sure that your communication is smooth, protected and secured.

Text Messages

Your text messages to your contacts will be delivered secured and encrypted on Siccura 360 text message box.

Safe Cloud Box

Siccura 360 will automatically get linked to your current cloud storage service to help you secure and encrypt all the files, folders, photos and bills.

System Compatibility

Siccura 360 is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS to make sure nobody is left unsecured.

Safe Photo Box

Media files are sensitive and personal to every individual. Siccura 360 makes sure that transferred files in to the system will not be visible anywhere unless viewed within Siccura.

Safe Share

Share password protected files using Siccura 360 and will only be decrypted and viewed in Siccura. These files can have a time limit to view the file.

Take Back

Retract Emails, IM, Voice and video calls to Siccura contacts at any time, even after are has been read.

Allow Copy/ Forward/ Screenshot

Unless Siccura 360 user gives permission to the receiver he will not be able to copy, screen and forward the communication.

Block Friend

Block unwanted Siccura contacts from messaging, sending emails, IM calls and chat and they will no longer be able to contact you.


Send messages and files which will automatically be deleted after a specific time. All kinds of communication like Emails, SMS, documents, gallery, files, photos and call logs can be set of self- destructing mode.

App Burn

In case of compromised device the Siccura 360 user can use the App Burn feature to kill all app data.

Safe Messages

Send and receive u confidential information with password protected feature to safeguard your communication.

Hide App

Hide and show Siccura 360 app with Invisible and visible feature. Only available on an Android device.

Secret Area

Siccura 360 can hide selected communication if they do not wish to be visible in the folder, it will be marked with Private flag.

Internet Mode

Siccura 360 app will only be opened if there is an internet connection available, in case of no internet connection a pop-up will appear saying no internet connection available.

Audit Trail

Siccura 360 user will be able to his all past activities in the activity log area. It will unable user to keep track of messages which are opened or not.

Protect your personal data with Siccura!

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