As the current cost-of-living crisis continues with energy bills soaring, the UK Government has initiated plans to offer support to people. Unfortunately, this has led to scammers using this as an opportunity to cash in.

UK citizens are now being targeted with fake text messages and calls offering them better rates or discounts on their electricity rates

How does it work?

Recently, families have been urged to be on their guard against the scam messages, which claim to be from the Government, asking recipients to click a link on the message, which reads: “GOVUK: You are eligible for a discounted energy bill under the Energy Bills Support Scheme. You can apply here.” In an effort to convince recipients that the link leads to a government website, the scammers include a link and the keyword “GOVUK”. One person who clicked on the link was redirected to a site asking for personal data and bank account details.

Top 5 Tips to Stay Safe:

  1. Do not click on the link or enter any personal information if you receive SMS messages from GOVUK stating you are eligible for a discount on your energy bill.
  2. Report the scam to Action Fraud at +44 0300 123 2040 or on the Action Fraud website i.e
  3. Remember eligible people will automatically receive Energy bill support without having to submit information.
  4. If in doubt, visit the official website for more information.
  5. If you happen to fall victim to this scam, immediately change your online banking passwords. Cancel and freeze your banking cards.

Cybercriminals are coming up with new ways to trick people every day. However, to truly stay safe, you need to stay up to date with the latest and take proactive steps to understand the dangers. There are plenty of services out there, including Siccura Cybershield that are designed to educate and make people aware of the digital dangers and how to stay one step ahead.