To stop the spread of Covid-19, a third of the World’s population has gone into lockdown.
As World leaders have taken action to practice social distancing, many businesses have
taken on the advice and have started to work from home.

The sudden transition of remote working has seen many business leaders, managers,
employees, teachers and other professionals look for alternative means of staying in touch.
The use of Video conferencing, online collaboration and Instant Messaging services has

In the U.K, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and Prince Charles have been using video
conferencing facilities such as Zoom and Skype to ensure Government meetings, and Official
opening ceremonies continue as planned.

However, as many people turn to technology and the internet to continue productivity,
we’ve seen an increase in online threats. According to Cloudflare, online threats have
increased as much as six times their usual levels. We’ve already seen Zoom and Skype
experience technical issues where video footage or identities have been exposed.

With high volumes of people now relying on video calling and chatting to stay connected for personal and business matters, now is the time to take precaution. What’s more, once we emerge out of this lock down, we’ll still turn on our cameras to have video chats, and conference calls with our colleagues and loved ones.

So Pandemic or no pandemic, video chatting is here to stay. Therefore, we’ve created the ultimate guide giving you insights into how to stay safe during video calls. Download the Free Guide today, and stay safe whilst you video chat.

Remember, Stay safe. Be Siccura!