Fifty years ago NASA put a man on the moon using less computing power than you have in your mobile handset. Today, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft have conspired to put the majority of the earth’s population into ‘the cloud’. Ironically, despite their Pan Galactic scale computing power, they’ve never managed to launch a secure email inbox into cyberspace.

As a result, we are all hostage to alien invaders, who have a voracious appetite for our information.

Google’s logic seems other worldly at times. Recently it announced it had stopped the devious practice of spying on your emails in order to bombard you with personalised adverts. That’s one small step forward for a global behemoth. However, it’s now letting ‘third party developers’ invade your privacy instead, reports the Wall Street Journal. That’s one giant setback for mankind.

It doesn’t matter which email service you use, it’s all too easy for invaders to get in your inbox. Once there, it’s amazing what they can recreate.  Your passwords, your relationships, your bank details and most of your life is on there.

Shouldn’t someone be protecting you from all this?

That’s why Siccura Safemail protects email attachments and every type of file. It doesn’t matter whether you’re banking or bantering, pitching for business or bitching about work, every email tells a story about you. And that is a story that you don’t want to be made public, because your personal data is meat and drink to a criminal. They dine out on your personal information and, as we shall see below, they cook up something tasty from the ingredients that you make available.

Your data provides sustenance for cyber criminals, and there are five basic food groups they need for a balanced diet. By scavenging your messages, they can put all these together.

According to Google, publisher of Gmail, up to a quarter of phishing and keylogger attacks on its email accounts result in a valid password being exposed. This is but one essential ingredient in the feast. From this, however, these raiding parties can work out your phone number, IP address, computer and phone types and your location. Your password is the protein, the IP address is the vitamins that enable reactions, information about the device type is the energiser (the carbohydrate of the hacker’s diet), the location is the fats and the phone number provides the roughage to keep things moving. Together, these five data types create a diet that makes the hacker strong and energised and bold. Soon they will go beyond hacking your account and start to hijack your life.

Gmail is not the only insecure brand of email service. None of them are secure, but Gmail is by far the biggest supplier. You’d think a company that conquered the world could have cracked security, wouldn’t you? Perhaps, as some reports suggest the privacy of Google’s clients is far from a priority. After all, it allows third party developers to rummage through everyone’s inbox and actually read (yes read) their messages.

If the government or the Royal Mail or any postal service started opening people’s letters and reading them, people would be outraged. But it seems they don’t seem to worry too much that it’s happening every day on their email.

Ignorance is not bliss for long, however.

That’s why Siccura has created the most secure email client ever. In the age of the cloud, cyberspace has never been more dangerous. Malware can easily get into your system. Just because you can’t see a deadly virus, that doesn’t mean you won’t catch pneumonia!

Our answer is to inoculate our clients. The product we developed is Siccura Safemail. It protects every communication you make by encrypting every aspect of it, from the body of the email message to every type of attachment.

Encryption converts content into a form that can’t be read. The only way to unlock the secrets is to have the magic code for reconverting it back to its original form. This is why Encryption is often referred to in terms of locking away the content and hiding the key so that only the chosen recipient can access it.

This is a simple enough system to use to make this secure email app a practical and usable alternative. But the simplicity of use hides the power and sophistication of the system.

Siccura Safemail locks up your intimate details and allows you to choose who gets to see them, when, where, how and for how long. Now that is a giant leap for mankind, I hope. We are over the moon.