Many of us believe we have no such personal details that can attract cybercriminals to hack our accounts. Many of us ignore the security settings given to us on digital platforms.

Social media account takeovers are an increasingly common occurrence, affecting the lives of politicians, celebrities, brands, other high-profile accounts and even the heads of social networks themselves. But they also trickle down to individuals and small business accounts in striking numbers. Social Network Confirms 13.4 Million Follower Twitter Account Compromised

Imagine you have become a social media influencer with lots of following, there are brands and individuals messaging you for collaboration, but as an old habit your account security is not updated and can be easily hacked. Imagine what would happen to your followers trust if your account was taken over? This situation can happen to any of us.

Follow these lifesaving hacks to ensure you lead a secure digital life.

1. All in one password- A big NO!

Are you one of those individuals who has a single password for all your accounts? If yes, then you are an easy prey for the hackers.  Just one leak from any of the accounts is all it takes for hackers to get the key they actually want: your blog, e-mail, or online wallet.

Make sure you use different passwords for each account, especially the ones in which you are dealing with money. Siccura’s Safebox helps you create strong and unique passwords for your accounts.

Let’s look at some easy hacks to make strong passwords

  • Using shortcuts, abbreviations, upper and lower case letters provide easy to remember but secure passwords. Turn your favourite song in a password. For example, “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall” — humTdumt$@t0nAwa11
  • For the accounts which are used once in a while, the best practice is to reset the password when you use them.
  • Use a password manager to store your passwords. Storing them on notepads, browsers or the desk is not a great idea. There are many hacking techniques capable to steal your personal information.

2. Think before you connect your device to the internet

The internet of things has made out life so much easier. Many of us have smartphones, baby monitors, security cameras installed at home and office, Alexa and so on and we use them on day to day basis.

But remember these devices have their own expiry dates for security similar to grocery products. Most of the device providers stop updating the device automatically after a year or so.

That means your device is capable of being hacked at any time. So think twice before you connect your device to home Wi-Fi or Public Wifi, not everything needs to be connected to internet. 

Let’s look at some easy hacks to secure our smart devices

  • Keep an eye on the manufacturing date as you choose these devices.
  • Always connect your device to a secured internet
  • Don’t perform sensitive tasks like bank transfer when connected to an unknown WIFI
  • Always update your gadgets when required.

3. Two is always better than one”-{ EK se bhale Do} The same goes for WIFI network

Your WI-FI can go beyond the four walls of your house. Anybody near the network can get connected to your device if your password is easy to guess. Once hackers get access to the WI-FI, they can easily connect with all the devices that are connected to that particular WI-FI.

Let’s look at some easy hacks to use WI-FI for increased security

  • Change every default password, including those for your Wi-Fi and router administration interface.
  • Create strong passwords using capitals, symbols, more characters.
  • Set up a guest network. You can set up two networks with separate Internet access in your home at no extra charge. Devices connected to the main network will not communicate with those connected to the guest network.

4. Cover up yourself from online stalkers

Your webcam and microphone are not secure at all. Even Mark Zuckerberg covers his webcam out of fear from spies. Your pictures can be taken while you are having a video conference or your conversations can also be heard

Let’s look at some easy hacks to secure yourself from spies

  • Cover your webcam or camera with a cap, or use a Band aid, don’t use simple cloth as images still can be taken.
  • Insert headphones into headphone socket, the device will pick up audio from a non-existent mike.

Start using these handy hacks to start securing your digital life. To know more about such easy hacks get in touch with us today and know about our cyber security awareness courses.