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Stranger Danger - How To Keep Your Kids Safe Online

In 60 minutes, become aware of the stranger dangers lurking online, and make your kids cyber aware, and cyber smart

Do you know if your kids have online friends? Are those online friends the same as their real life friends?

40% of children are chatting online with strangers.

We all know that the online world can be a wonderful place for children and young people. It’s a place for them to explore, learn and connect with people beyond their physical surroundings.

But we also know that the digital world can be dangerous just as the real world.
Have you asked yourself?

  • Why is my kid getting upset after being online?
  • Why are they asking me adult questions ?
  • Why is there an inappropriate photo in my kids phone? 
  • Who is this friend that they keep talking about?

If these questions are familar to you and you need to an answer for it. Then this workshop is for YOU. 

Cyberbullying (being called Fat, Ugly, or teased), seeing inappropriate adult content, oversharing information that results in personal data loss, or being exposed to child predators are the biggest dangers your kids are vulnerable to whilst they’re online.

There used to be a time where we had to teach kids not to speak to strangers on the streets, but now those strangers are hiding online.

84% of parents biggest worry is their child’s online safety.

Yet, most parents don’t know how to help their kids stay safe from these dangers.

Our Free Workshop will help you as parents gain the knowledge, and techniques you need to keep your child safe from online strangers.

Why Attend The Workshop?

Learn from leading cybersecurity experts who will teach you how to become cyber smart parents, and keep your children digitally safe.

This workshop will give you lots of valuable insights 

  • Become confident to talk about harmful online content with kids
  • Understand online application kids are using and the threats behind them.
  • Practical advice and tips on keeping kids digitally safe
  • Learn and discuss what children can do in situations where they might feel unsafe.
  • Know how to encourage your children to become cybersmart, and keep their privacy.

Register your place today, and become cybersafe

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