In the 1st quater of 2020 there was 37% hike in cyber attacks in India.

In this age of data and digital technology, every business regardless of size and geography, are  a constant target for cyber-attacks.  Out of all the cyber-attack methods, phishing is the most used tactics by cybercriminals because it takes advantage of human weaknesses.  In a business enviorment different departments  are targeted by the cybercriminals. It only takes one weak point to let the cybercriminals get into the business network.

88% of Organizations Reported Experiencing Spear Phishing Attacks in 2019, that’s why  businesses needs to defend themselves. For that, they need to know more about how phishing targets businesses and how to defend themselves. Download our FREE!! E-book and start protecting your business.

Stay Cyber Aware this cyber security awarness month.