These days parents give smartphone to children at a very early age, they all use same apps and social networking as their friends. After all, likes and comments on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat have become a core part of modern communication.

However, there’s a lot of concern surrounding children and the dangers social media contain which is certainly understandable. Children have documented their whole life online.

The consequences of this can be dangerous; it’s smart to be educated on these topics and set certain guidelines for your kids.

Talk about these social media dangers to your kids

  1. Stanger Danger

Before the rise of the internet, stranger danger referred to the dangers associated with strangers physically. While stranger danger is still a reality, it has just got a new online dimension. Kids may find difficult to judge whom are they connecting with on internet. They can be actual friends or may be a cybercriminal trying to trick them. 

As parents, it’s important for you to know what apps your kids are using, and explain to them that not everyone they meet online is who they say they are. And explain the kids that every person may not be the same person they pretend. Monitor your kid’s online activity and make sure they are only interacting with friends they know in person.

  1. Oversharing

Oversharing information online can have long term consequences on relationships, and employment. What is posted online is there forever even if it’s deleted from your end.

As a guardian, it’s important to watch your child’s online identity, what kind of information is public and what they are posting on social platform. Make sure they don’t share their location. You should discuss the danger like cyberbulling and sexual harassment which is the result of oversharing. 

  1. Sharenting- Risks of Oversharing photos of kids by parents

Sharing information about kids can have potential risks for not only kids’ privacy but also their general well-being. Photos of kids shared by their parents can be misused by some stranger.

As a parent you need to be extra careful while they are sharing information online. Read through the privacy policy of the sites.. In addition, you should set up notifications that alert them to when their children’s names appear in Google search results.

  1. What happens online, stays online

Your kids should know what is uploaded online stays is online, that can haunt them later in life. They should know what may be a joke today can be misused later by friends or colleagues.

So make sure they are very careful while sharing any information online.

  1. Cyberbullying 

Make your kids aware that their words might hurt someone else, they should only write things which they can take on them. Ask them if the words written by them will hurt someone’s feelings? Make them aware that for them the words shared could just be a joke but to the other person it can be dangerous.

Talk to your children about bullying and enforce the idea of not joining friends who are gossiping about or teasing others online.

 Being cyber aware is important for kids and parents equally, if you have a babysitter or guardian make sure they are also aware about this danger.

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