Emails have changed the way we live.  It liberates us, and gives us the freedom to communicate with others whilst on the go. In this fast paced world, Email keep us in the loop no matter where we are or what we are doing. But that freedom comes at a price.

In the past few years we’ve seen big email providers experience data breaches. What’s worse we all use these services and trust them with our personal and private communications. If giants like them cannot keep our inboxes safe and our privacy secure, then who can?

That’s why we’ve developed Siccura Safemail. This easy to use solution was developed on the premise of protecting our inboxes, and the emails we send.

Siccura Safemail is the easy to use solution that lets you continue to use your existing email account without compromising on your privacy.

Here’s 4 things you did not know about Siccura Safemail:

Any Email address is protected
Siccura Safemail bolts on top of your existing email accounts so you can keep your messages secure without compromising on your email address.
The application works on all major email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook and more.Automatically encrypts your email
Through Siccura Safemail, every message you create is automatically converted into an encrypted email. Your emails cannot be opened or read by anyone who does not have Siccura. So there is no chance of your emails being read if it’s landed in the wrong hands. So there is no chance of your emails being read if it’s landed in the wrong hands.

Encrypted Attachments
Unlike other email encryption services, Siccura goes beyond when it comes to protecting your privacy. Aside from protecting your content, the application also locks up any files and photos you may have attached to your email to ensure that nothing gets into the wrong hands.

Recall, Password Protect, or Set Preview Limits
Siccura Safemail extends its arm in protecting your emails by giving you control over everything you send even after you have sent it. By default, any recipient of your email will not be able to Copy, or Forward your message without your consent. On top of that you can Take Back emails by removing access to emails you already sent even if they have been read.

What’s more you can limit the lifespan of emails, and give business proposals or sensitive messages a shelf life with Self Destruct.

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Siccura Safemail has packages for individuals and groups:
We believe in making Siccura Safemail pocket friendly for all. That’s why we have designed various packages, individuals and groups. To find out more, visit our website.

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