Cloud computing has revolutionised the way we share data, providing users with a near-ubiquitous level of quality access to content. Where once one had to mail in a hard drive to send data from one location to another, cloud computing now allows for easy and secure file transfers across continents and time zones with just the click of a button.

Did you know? According to Expert insights,  in the last 18 months, 79% of companies have experienced at least one data breach. What’s more, around 43% have reported 10 or more breaches in that time.

The necessity of Cloud data protection software

Cloud technology has become an integral part of business life, offering new and exciting ways to access information and support operational processes. But the lightspeed advancement of these systems also comes with a plethora of data protection threats that every business needs to be aware of. Most notably, data stored in the cloud may be vulnerable to hacking attempts, can risk unauthorized access from third parties, and face potential misuse or exploitation by malicious users.

Your cloud data is vulnerable not only to cybercrime but also to the people and companies that are a part of your everyday business activities. Unscrupulous stakeholders or careless employees maybe be able to exploit your data in ways that could have serious repercussions, whether intentional or accidental. With so much at stake, it’s wise to remain vigilant.

Why Siccura Cloud is the Ultimate Data protector

No Cloud service can prevent data movement, leaks or abuse. But you can mitigate the risks of business files being exposed or abused. Siccura Cloud is a revolutionary software that takes data protection to the next level. The easy-to-use software integrates with any existing Cloud service from Google Drive, to OneDrive, and automatically locks files with an unbreakable code, thus giving you full control over who gets access to it. And the best part? Your files are secure no matter where they go. With Siccura Cloud, your data is secure, and safe at all times!

Siccura Cloud uses powerful encryption technology to preserve the privacy of all kinds of data on the cloud. Every file, photo, presentation, or video you store is locked with a unique dynamic AES-256 key, that even NASA cannot break. To ensure that only you and those you share it with can access the data, each data key is double-locked with RSA-2046-bit encryption. Put simply, only your Private Key can unlock the data keys, and in turn the data. We simply transport the data keys. You keep your private key. With Siccura Cloud you can be 100% confident that your data is safe from prying eyes.

When it comes to data protection, the Siccura Cloud is unrivalled. With total protection and peace of mind over every file stored on the cloud, it’s no wonder that the Siccura Cloud is the strongest data protection software on the market. Don’t risk your business’ most important files – trust the Siccura Cloud to keep them safe. Contact us today!