Have you ever opened an email only to be met with a sense of dread? Not because of what was written in the message, but for fear that its contents were shared with unwanted third parties? This is why email privacy matters–and it’s especially important in a business. After all, as much time and effort as companies put into ensuring their internal communication are secured, any data breaches still risk exposure to competitors and other malicious entities. Even though most businesses take necessary precautions, there are some vulnerabilities that can be overlooked. Read on to learn more about why your business needs to stop using Gmail and other free email services and start looking for privacy-focused email services.

Risks Associated with Free email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc.


No Encryption: To protect the security of your login details and messages, a basic requirement is to ensure they are sent in an encrypted form. Unfortunately, free service providers fail to provide strong encryption capabilities, thus exposing your communications to cyber criminals. A good and privacy-focused email provider will guarantee encrypted communication, protecting your messages from becoming an open book even if they’ve been intercepted by the wrong people.

No Privacy: When it comes to Free email services, it may feel like you’re getting a free ride – but that doesn’t mean the provider isn’t still incurring costs in order to keep your account running. To recoup these costs, many use aggressive tactics such as selling off advertising space. It sounds exciting at first – until you consider that this means placing your data on servers managed by various companies. In case any of them face a data breach, your sensitive information is immediately at risk of being sold onto black markets and dark websites without you even knowing.

No control over data: With Gmail and other free email providers, you have no control over what will happen with it once it’s out of your hands. Whether someone is forwarding it, misusing it, copying and downloading it, the power inevitably lies with the one in possession of the information- not you. The email is out there and cannot be recalled or removed.

If you’re serious about protecting your business emails and other sensitive data, then switching to a privacy-focused email service is the best course of action. As opposed to other providers that monetize ads or sell your private data, privacy-centred services generate revenue from their premium plans and use advanced technologies like end-to-end encryption to provide maximum protection for your emails and personal information.

Introducing Siccura Mail

Siccura Mail is the ultimate solution for securing your business communications, between internal and external people. The easy-to-use solution provides complete protection over the contents of your emails, including attachments, keeping them locked and secure from prying eyes and potential hackers.

Furthermore, users can be confident knowing that messages will remain confidential through their transmission journey – unlike other services that store data on external servers that are vulnerable to attack. Siccura Mail provides complete peace of mind when it comes to the privacy and security of your emails.

Why Choose Siccura Mail:

Siccura Mail also protects email attachments, encrypting every file type to render them impregnable. Banking communications, online purchasing information, personal messages and passwords. With Siccura Safemail every digital syllable is recorded, stored and protected with professional-grade security.

Future Proof Security:

Siccura is powered by pioneering encryption technology. whether you rely on email for casual conversations or for business operations, Siccura Safemail provides a level of protection beyond the skills of Cyber Criminals.

The Siccura Zero Knowledge Guarantee:

Your Data is not part of our deal. Siccura applies a strict zero-knowledge policy across all of our products. We have no access to your emails, and we don’t keep records of personal details. Only you will have the key to your content.

Take control over your data: Siccura Mail prevents any unauthorized copying, editing, forwarding or downloading of the information but also gives you full control over where your data and emails are heading. With just a few clicks, take back control and see the journey of your information with real-time updates that show where it has been. And if things go wrong, don’t worry – you can revoke access to your email anytime, allowing you to reset things as fast as possible.

Siccura mail offers a range of advanced privacy features such as Self destruct ensures emails won’t hang around forever in someone’s inbox, App Burn allows you to delete all installations of your app from a lost device, Block IP feature allows you to block certain IPs from accessing your data, Password Protect helps ensure nobody can open emails unless they have the correct password. All of these features are designed to keep your sensitive information safe and secure, giving you complete peace of mind.

This is not the end of the list, there are some more features of Siccura Mail that enhance the data protection level of e-mails. To learn more about what Siccura has to offer and take advantage of these security enhancements, connect with us today!