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Car Rental Scams, Rent Cars, Car Rental Scammer, Car Rental Scamming

Car Rental Scams – How to avoid them

At least 87 reports of car rental scams were made in 2018 costing victims more than $30,000. This is up from at least 45 cases reported in 2017 and ...
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Phone Scams, Phone Scam Alert, Phone Scammers

Phone Scams – How to avoid them

India is currently in 9th position when it comes to countries most affected by spam calls. From a survey conducted by Truecaller, it highlighted that 76% men, 78%-woman, 85% old, ...
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Online Scams, Online Scam Alert, Online Scamming, Online Scammers

Online Scams – How to avoid them

Now a days we hear about scams on a daily basis, however not everybody knows what to look out for. However, educating yourself about Online scams can help you ...
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Email Scams – How to avoid them

According to Action Fraud, there have been over 400,000 reports of Phishing emails every year. Last year alone, 58% of organisations have seen phishing attacks increase in a year ...
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Beware: Your child may be in danger, online!

The internet has changed the world at lightning speed in the past 20 years. The playgrounds that you had in your childhood are different from what your children have ...
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How to take care of your wellbeing during Lockdown?

There are some people that work from home by choice and love it. But in the past year, there have been many people who have had to adopt this ...
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Scam Alert, Whatsapp,Malware

Scam Alert! WhatsApp malicious link to change app theme will hack your phone.

WhatsApp Pink is in circulation as a malicious app that could steal your data once installed and allows the bad guys to gain access to your phone to gain ...
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Online Gaming

Online Gaming Addiction – A prevention Guide for parents

There has been a lot of noise in the news recently about online gaming addictions. It appears during lockdown, many kids and teenagers have developed a habit of playing ...
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Business email compromise

Email Authentication- A trusted solution against BEC

Business email compromise (BEC) is a cyber-attack that is designed to gain access to critical business information or extract money through email-based fraud. Cybercriminals send emails that appear to ...
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