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Parental control

6 ways to exercise parental control

Kids today are among the most active users on the internet. In fact 71% of kids are online. The Internet has become their school and playground. Unfortunately, this has ...
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Cyber security as business enabler

Why it’s time to think cyber security as business enabler

The Cybersecurity Market Technology advancements have enabled businesses and individuals to connect freely. However, with this freedom, there comes a set of vulnerabilities. In India alone, experts predict a ...
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The corporate phishing tactics every business should be aware of

In the 1st quater of 2020 there was 37% hike in cyber attacks in India. In this age of data and digital technology, every business regardless of size and ...
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Social Media Scam

The Common Social Media Scams That Are Lurking Around You

When we hear about phishing scams, we think about email, but these days’ cybercriminals target people through social media. The ultimate goal behind this tactic is still to trick ...
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Cybersecurity statistics

Top 15 alarming statistics about cybercrime you should be aware of

Ginni Rometty, IBM’s chairman, president and CEO, said: “Cybercrime is the greatest threat to every company in the world.” And she was right. The Cyber security industry is at ...
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Cloud security

Top security hacks for your cloud data

Introduction Covid- 19 has changed the way company’s access data. Gone are the days when employees needed to stick around their systems in order to work and manage team ...
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Email threats

Working remotely? Discover top dangers lurking in your inbox

Cyber-attacks and data breaches were not a familiar occurrence as they are in today’s situation. Cyber-attacks have been one of the top concerns for businesses. No matter what size ...
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Best Email Security Practices For Remote Workers

Since the lockdown, the number of email related attacks have increased, and cybercriminals have become clever in the way they attack. Over the past few months, the media has ...
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Work from home security policies

Top 10 essentials to cover in your Remote Working security policies

The Coronavirus outbreak has forced many companies worldwide to transition into the remote working culture.  Though many businesses have seen an increase in productivity, there are other issues that ...
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