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Safe photos

Effective Ways of Protecting your Photos from Cyber Criminals

Over time it has become more convenient to share pictures online through social media platforms with our family and friends, but not many are aware of the risks of ...
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Covid-19 Vaccine scam

Scam Alert: Top Covid-19 vaccine scams to watch out for

As the roll out of Covid-19 Vaccines continue in the United Kingdom, there are lots of other countries starting to join the immunisation process. Countries like India are also ...
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Social Media dangers

Top 5 Social Media dangers Your Kids Need to Know

These days parents give smartphone to children at a very early age, they all use same apps and social networking as their friends. After all, likes and comments on Facebook, Instagram ...
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Email security

How my friend’s email account was hacked

You may not pay much attention to your email account nowadays as there are multiple ways to communicate. But remember for a hacker it’s a goldmine of personal and ...
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Security Tips for a Merrier Christmas

12 Cyber Security Tips for a Merrier Christmas

During the Christmas season people are constantly trying to find gift ideas and even buy gifts online. Here are 12 cyber security tips to help you and your family over Christmas, rather ...
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Cyber Safe Holiday’s

Top 7 tips to protect yourself this festive season

It's already Christmas, Yay!, which means it's time for shopping and travel. But unlike any other year, this year is going to be different. As 2020 approaches to an ...
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Identity Theft

Identity Theft: Tips On How To Protect Yourself From Becoming The Next Victim

Identity Theft Identity Theft, what do you think of when you see these two words? Identity theft is something beyond somebody who took your secret word to your Yahoo ...
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Education and cyber security

It’s time education sector makes cyber security a priority

Among the many challenges faced faced by the education sector like lack of funds, lack of staffing, cyber-attacks is becoming one of the top most challenges especially times of ...
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Cyber security awareness training

Why Businesses Need to Build a Human Firewall

In the past few years, cyber-attacks have taken on many forms. From financial fraud, ransomware, loss of sensitive data to IT infrastructure damage, the list goes on. The aftermath ...
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