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Don’t Let These Email Threats Ruin Your Day

As email continues to be the primary form of communication for business, the number of email-based attacks have increased. In fact, 94% of malware is spread through emails, hosted ...
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Secure Online File-Sharing Practices to Protect Your Data in 2023

With the increasing use and reliance on technology, it is becoming more important than ever to be aware of secure online file-sharing practices. In 2022, a staggering 75,099,482 data ...
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Email Security Best Practices: An Essential Guide

Emails continue to be our main form of communication, whether for business or personal. However, with our increased usage of emails, the number of cyberattacks has increased. Last year ...
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Private email

Email Privacy – why everyone needs it

SMS Messages and Instant Messages may be a quick and easy way for us to communicate, however, whether it's for business or personal use - Emails are our number ...
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New Year, New You & 8 Resolutions For A Digital Safe 2023! 

At the beginning of each year, most of us have good intentions to make this one better, and the idea of making a New Year’s Resolution is often top ...
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Why Siccura is the strongest software for protecting data on the Cloud

Cloud computing has revolutionised the way we share data, providing users with a near-ubiquitous level of quality access to content. Where once one had to mail in a hard ...
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Why Siccura Mail is better for your Privacy than Gmail

Have you ever opened an email only to be met with a sense of dread? Not because of what was written in the message, but for fear that its ...
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Ransomware On The Rise In the Transportation and Shipping Industry: How to protect your data

In recent years, Ransomware attacks have become increasingly common across all industries. It seems the type and size of a company are no longer a criterion when it comes ...
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How to spot a Clone Phishing attack before it’s too late

In the world of online security, there are many different types of phishing attacks that cybercriminals use to try and gain access to your personal information. One of the ...
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