Microsoft phishing scam

Scam Alert: NEW Phishing scam involves VPN to trick Microsoft 365 users

A new Phishing scam involving a VPN configuration email to trick Microsoft 365 users from giving their credentials away. This time scammers have found a creative way to trick people ...
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Ransomware attacks

What is Ransomware and how to prevent it?

A 2019 Verizon report highlighted that Ransomware was the 2nd most frequent attack. In fact, Cybersecurity Ventures predicted that a business will be attacked by cybercriminals every 11 seconds by ...
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CEO Fraud

CEO Fraud – The Ultimate guide to CEO Fraud prevention

CEO Fraud, also known as Business Email Compromise (BEC) is one of the most financially damaging types of cybercrimes around. Over the years it has claimed more than 78,617 organisations ...
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Cybersecurity in Covid-19

Drastic Change in Cyber Security due to Covid-19

The pandemic has changed the way businesses operate worldwide. In just a few months, companies that required employees to gather in the office have suddenly become virtually connected. All over ...
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Supreme Court phishing scam

Supreme Court Summons Scam

The U.S. Supreme Court maybe the highest authority in the United States, but it has now become the latest victim of Brand impersonation. This time cyber criminals have taken the ...
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Microsoft, phishing scam

Microsoft Warns Users To look out for Latest Covid-19 Phishing Scam

Microsoft have warned people of a massive Covid-19 related phishing scam run by cybercriminals. This latest attacks involves luring Microsoft users into downloading a remote administration tool called NetSupport Manager ...
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Do you know the risks behind Instant Messengers for business?

Instant Messengers are growing increasingly popular in modern workplaces now days. Gone are the days where we used to have face to face meetings. Even before the pandemic, businesses started ...
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Turbulent Times For EasyJet- Airline confirms data breach

Turbulent times for EasyJet as the airline company admits to being the latest victim of a cyberattack. Approximately 9 million customer details have been hacked. The customer’s details include email ...
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Online Scams spike during lockdown

Online Scams Spike during Lockdown; Watch out for these scams

Online scams have spiked during lockdown. Businesses are now working from home, banks are advising people to make online payments, and people are using home delivery services to stay safe ...
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