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One Bad Apple Does Spoil A Whole Bunch Of Privacy

Have you noticed something about self-promoters? The most sanctimonious critics always turn out to be recent converts. It’s as if they’ve just changed their mind about something and now ...
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Meghan’s Baby: What Happened When Harry Met Siccura

Have you noticed how everything comes to a standstill when an ex-employee comes back to work with a baby? You don’t need conferencing technology to bring everyone together. You ...
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Ajit Patel Looks At How Social Media Has The Ability To Spoil People Lives

Have you noticed how crime is glamourised on TV? I believe that the sometimes-exploitative nature of social media is a product of this. These days social media rarely make ...
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Don’t Let Mobility Turn Your Organisation Into A Moving Target

Don't let mobility turn your organisation into a moving target  As an organisation mobilises, security issues multiply. Ajit Patel looks at the top mobile security risks, and how an ...
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The Importance Of Building Up An Effective Network Security Strategy To Cope With Mobile Access.

Mobile workers need protecting, so does your network The rise in BYOD (bring your own device) has meant a sharp increase in the number of devices connecting to the ...
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