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School Cyber Tips, Cyber Tips, Cyber Security

Back to School Online Safety Tips

Online safety guidelines play an important role in many young people's life, whether at home or school. Now a days, young people are spending a significant amount of time ...
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Youtube Comments, Prevent Malware

Malware spreads through YouTube comments

Can you get a virus from YouTube? YES! You'd be surprised to hear that you can get a virus from YouTube, and why wouldn’t you. YouTube has billions of ...
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Personal Information, Password Security, Password Privacy

Don’t give your password away in comments

Facebook and Instagram have been flooded with entertaining quizzes that ask members and followers to answer questions that encourage engagement, such as how old they were on specific dates ...
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Flubot Spyware, Android Spyware, Spyware

Watch out! Android Flubot spyware is spreading fast

Flubot, a new Android malware is spreading across Europe in countries suchas Spain,United Kingdom, Germany, Italy etc. FluBot steals your online account passwords and login information, as well as ...
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 Fake Whatsapp Message, Fake Message, Whatsapp Message

Free Gift Message on WhatsApp? Do Not Forward, It’s a Scam

Fraudsters are increasingly using WhatsApp to prey on their victims. A new message offering free gifts to WhatsApp users has been circulating on the social messaging platform recently, causing ...
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Recruitment Scams, Recruiting Agency

Recruitment Scams

You post your resume or CV on the internet so that future employers can view it and hire you. Someone pretending to be an employer or an employer's representative ...
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BEC Compromise, BEC Attack, Business Email Compromise

Lower-level employees are the target of BEC attacks.

According to Barracuda's study, many firms focus their training and protection on who they consider to be the most targeted personnel within the organization—usually leadership and finance teams. However, ...
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Ransomware Attacks, Ransomware Attack Methods

Two most common ransomware attack methods

Researchers at Coveware recently reviewed Ransomware assaults from the second quarter of this year and saw a similar trend in cybercriminals' Ransomware attack strategies. The most popular ways cyber ...
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Over £2.5 million has been lost due to pet scam online.

The pandemic has been a lonely experience for many people. As a result, it may be tempting to look for a new animal companion on the internet. Animal companions, ...
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