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private email is vital

4 Reasons Why Private Email Is Vital For Businesses

We run our business through emails. Email remains a central and popular communication tool in business. From booking appointments, passing bills, exchanging contracts and even communicating with Insurance companies ...
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Energy Scams On The Rise In The UK: How To Protect Yourself

As the current cost-of-living crisis continues with energy bills soaring, the UK Government has initiated plans to offer support to people. Unfortunately, this has led to scammers using this ...
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Phishing scam

Scam Alert- Fake Instagram Verification Status (Blue Badge)

Instagram has once again been hit with a Phishing scam. According to researchers at Vade, this new phishing scam uses Instagram's verification status (Blue badge) as a way to ...
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Investment scams

Multi-Stage Investment Scams – How to Stop Being the Victim!

Are you looking for a way to make some extra money? If so, you may have considered investing in a scheme that sounds too good to be true. Unfortunately, there ...
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Fake news

FAKE NEWS – How to spot what’s real or not

We all use the internet and social media to learn, be entertained, and connect with others in our daily lives. With so much information presented to us online, we ...
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Top 20 Scams to Watch Out For

Most people nowadays have access to the internet. We all use our personal computers, phones and other devices to shop or bank online, connect with our friends, and relatives ...
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Scam, online scam, how to avoid online scams, tips to avoid scams, sign of scams

How To Avoid Being Scammed Online

The internet is a powerful tool that has given us limitless possibilities. But like other forms of technology, there are risks involved in its use, which can be both ...
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Digital, digital safety, guide for online safety, digital safeguarding, social media

Essential Guide to Keeping Young People Digitally Safe

The digital revolution has changed the way we all communicate. The internet in particular has given us as well as young people the freedom to connect, learn and explore ...
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Privacy, privacy protection, data protection, identity protection, data

Privacy, Control and Data protection – why you need it all

In today’s world, everyone is connected digitally. The digital revolution has given us the flexibility to connect, learn, and continue our business whilst on the move. However, as we ...
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