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Cloud Providers, File Sharing, Cloud Storage

Top 10 Cloud Storage Providers to use.

The best cloud storage, whether for personal or business use, allows you to back up, store, and share vital information, images, videos, and more effortlessly, quickly, and securely. While ...
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Killware Attack, Cyber Security Threat, Cyber Attack

What is Killware — and should you be worried?

Killware is a sort of malware that is used only for the purpose of causing physical harm, including death. Cyber psychopaths that use harmful malware like this have only ...
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REvil Ransomware Attack, REvil Ransomware, Ransomware

REvil – The Latest Ransomware Attack – Here’s everything you need to know

Although REvil ransomware may appear and sound unusual, it is a widespread tool used by cybercriminals to target unsuspecting businesses, steal sensitive data, and extort money. Many businesses fear ...
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QR Code Scams, QR Scams, Scammers

Beware of QR Code Scams

As many people enjoy the flexibility of online shopping, or making financial transactions, the number of online fraud cases have increased. In recent months, we've seen a new threat ...
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Cyber Attacks, Social Engineering, Cybercrime

90% of Cyber Attacks on Organizations Involve Social Engineering

Social engineering attacks account for a large percentage of all cyber attacks, and studies show that they are getting more prevalent. Phishing is a common type of social engineering ...
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Gaming Scams, Online Gaming Scams, Online Gamers

Online Gaming Scam Increase in Lockdown – Here’s how to stay safe

The global video game industry is thriving despite the economic disruption created by the coronavirus. Individuals are turning to virtual worlds for escapism from the crisis as social distancing ...
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Hackers, Hacking, Types of Hackers

Top Hackers to Watch Out For

The digital revolution has changed the way we explore, connect and create information. Technology has provided us with convenience to the point that we can continue to stay connected ...
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School Cyber Tips, Cyber Tips, Cyber Security

Back to School Online Safety Tips

Online safety guidelines play an important role in many young people's life, whether at home or school. Now a days, young people are spending a significant amount of time ...
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Youtube Comments, Prevent Malware

Malware spreads through YouTube comments

Can you get a virus from YouTube? YES! You'd be surprised to hear that you can get a virus from YouTube, and why wouldn’t you. YouTube has billions of ...
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